Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

I would just like to wish you all a very good Christmas and New Year and thank you for your kind words and thoughts it has helped.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Today is sad

Today my friends has been one of the most saddest days of my life, my friend Leah a new mum of only 4 weeks has lost her little baby girl Phoebe Poppy. I was asked to be a surrogate nanny for her as she is not in contact with her mum, of course I said yes and felt very honoured to be asked.

Phoebe was beautiful and dainty like her mum, we are all very upset here in Lincoln, it has put a damper on the festive season for us all.

I would just like to say that God has taken a beautiful young child to sit by his side for now and always.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Well hello there

Well hi everyone, its been a while, but I have not been doing nothing. In fact I have been very busy, I have made lots more baubles for friends and family, and finished making the baubles for Cancer Research, I have only 2 left at work to sell, so far I have made about £130 for this good cause, shall have to get my thinking head on for my next project.

I have now got my craft room up and running and all Christmasy as well, the tree is up and dressed, my decorations go back 32 years for some of them, and my angle is only 4" high and she is 30 years old, I have recovered her since then, but Gemma and Dave wont let me buy a new one, even thought she is lost on the tree, I shall take some photos and post them next time.

This year we are going to Maxines for Christmas day, and we are not having the traditional turkey we are having Indian, its all cooked and ready in the freezer, hubby is a brill cook so I have left it to them, really looking forward to it, I only have that day off work so shall make the most of it.
I have been catching up with old friends and new ones thru cards and the internet, it has been fun. I shall sign off now so till the next take care and have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A saying for Christmas

There's magic in the air again for Christmas time is here.
There's happiness in every heart and all the season's cheer.
There's a special kind of joy that's part of Christmas too.
The joy of wishing all that's best, especially for you my friends.

With love at this special time

Monday, 7 December 2009

Craft Room

Well my dear fellow bloggers, I must say how lovely it is when I go for a read on everyones site. Real inspriation reading about you all.

The other week I lost all my focus on things, so hubby did me a craft room (previously shown) and do you know what I am now never out of it. Once tea is over and I have watched Emmerdale, well thats it off I toddle into my room, switch on the radio, I listen to Smooth 106.6, its fantastic, it reaches over the country, and from 8pm its Andy Peables, and the music is so varied, 60's, 70's, Mowtown to name a few, he is on till midnight, and guess what I actually sat up last night making a new bauble till the midnight hour, it was fantastic lol.

I have got a thing about pretty boxes so this morning I went out with my granddaughter and friend Tara, and I picked up 3 different size boxes, black and pink, with flowers and flutterbys, they are scrummy, what I will put in the I don't know but they look lovely. Tara then cooked me lunch, poached salmon, new pots, baby sweetcorn and mange tout, with a lovely Herby sauce, nothing was left on my plate!!!! I do love fish as does Tara, but both partners are not that keen, fish and chips fine but anything more refined or different no chance. Next Tuesday the 2 of us are going to the new Japanese restaurant in town, so watch this space for the comments.

Well my lovelies, I shall sign off for tonight and get back to my beading, tatty bye for now.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Time to enjoy

Today has been very enjoyable, I went to my craft afternoon and my niece Tina came and joined us for half and hour, Tina is going to Queens Medical (Nottingham) in January to train as a nurse and this was her chance to see everyone before she goes, so we spent a lovely afternoon with her.

Today I also learnt how to make a decoration out of material and a polystyrene ball, something I have wanted to learn for a while, it was easier than I thought, now all I have to do is buy some Christmas material and edgings and I shall be well away.

On the home front, I have not really been in a crafty mood until last night, when I managed to make a new bauble, in red and gold, its looking good, so now I am back focused, and my new craft room is so lovely to use, I don't have to pack things away when the grand kiddies come round, and can sit there till my hearts content. I light my candles and put on the radio so its heaven.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sunday Night

Sunday night here in Lincoln has been very peaceful as has the day. It has rained and rained all day, but now it has cleared up for a while.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of my daughter Maxine and granddaughter Paige's company for the whole day. Hubby, son in law Mark and Ben went to watch footie at Northwich verse Lincoln City, it was Ben's first football match, he was so excited bless him, mind so where the 2 men.

Us 3 girls went into town for a look around and to have coffee, only brought some Christmas Cards, which I must say is good for me, and then we went for lunch at a place called Woodcocks, and the meal was delicious, Maxine treated me which was brill. Then back to Maxine's for a few hours. Bliss!!!

Today Dave and I again went to town, I needed some new shoes, but alas did not find what I wanted, but hubby brought my Christmas pressie, I had to disappear for a while so looked in PC World, and brought a idiots guide to Windows 7!!!!, then home and rest, mind we did get wet, it was fun as I love the rain, I know what your thinking 'She is mad'!!!!

So ll that remains is to wish everyone a lovely week either at home or at work

Thursday, 26 November 2009

A saying

This is so lovely that I just had to share it with you all.

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't and believe that everything happens for a reason.

If you get a chance, take it.

If it changes your life, let it.

Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

To Cally

This is my Santa Stocking Swap from Cally , and what a beautiful collection Cally has sent me, I do hope you are all able to see. On the left is a little card called Christmas Cup of Kindness, and inside a tea bag, Yorkshire Tea mind,, my favourite, a very cute stocking, some hearts, a bag of roses, and a bag of beautiful beads, which I shall use on a special Christmas Bauble for myself in memory. A lovely little hat, a bow, and some Divine little buttons, I shall be hanging up the stocking etc here in my room and each time I look at them I shall think of my first swap and Cally. So all that remains for me to say Thank you Cally from the bottom of my heart.

Friday, 20 November 2009


My trip yesterday was fantastic, arrived at the Stitching and Knitting Show, Harrogate about 11ish, with my lovely hubby Dave, and what a day, loads and loads to see and watch, did not know where to look first. It has been about 6years since I last went there, and I was not disappointed.

I brought myself some goldwork and beads for myself, once they are made I shall post them on my site. Joined the Beadworkers Guild again, as I lost my membership, it was only £23 for the year, I received 3 mags which of course I have sat and read thru last nite, they are fantastic go and have a look at they have a lot of information that you can use if you are into beads.

On another note I have decided to try and get my City in Guilds in Goldwork and Beading, as it is a passion of mine, with a view to teaching at the end of it, as here in Lincoln there is not much for crafts.

Today Dave and I went to Staffordshire to the National Memorial Arboretum, what a place, so loved and well kept, its not just the forces there, its the Police, RNLI, the Co-Op to name a few. Dave has wanted to go for quiet sometime as there are a couple of friends names on the wall, it was very emotional, so if you have not already been pop over to Stafforshire and have a look or visit, the scenery is beautiful.
Whilst I was there Lichfield is not far about 12 miles, so I got Dave to take me to the Spellboundbead Shop, what a treasure trove, beads coming out of my ears!!! and everything you could possibly need, again pop over and have a look at their site, the knowledge they have is second to none, and so helpful. I also met them at the show, and have brought from them for a couple of years and their on line service is fantastic.
On a personal note I would like to wish Dave a happy 54th birthday today, the day was his even buying beads from Spellbound lol for me to make into Christmas decorations, the colour orange and black!!!! Bless him.
I am off now to put the finishing touches on Cally's pressie for the Stocking Swop so that I can get them posted on Monday, so everyone have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Day out

Tomorrow I am really looking forward to, Harrogate, our big craft show of the year, this time in the town and not the Showground. Hubby is taking me which is a pleasant surprise, specially after the work he done for me in my room, which I must say I am loving it. Got the varnish today so shall get the last job finished on Friday.

Been over to my craft afternoon today which was a good afternoon, I had made a pattern up for the Christmas Baubles that I made and handed them out to the girls, they are the guinea pigs and one lady Linda followed it no problem, so that made my day.

I also had a talk with my tutor Brenda about teaching crafts to others and she has encouraged me to follow my heart, and pointed me in the right direction. I have decided to also try and do my City and Guilds in crafting so fingers crossed for me.

I have been on everyones blog site and there are some parts that make me smile, its a marvelous thing this site. I have been busy with my Santa Swop partner, Cally swopping addresses etc, ready for the parcel to go. Dont know what happened to my write up last night, it all looked good when I closed down but tonight what a mess, what am I doing wrong!!!!!

I have been thinking about flowers of all things today, been looking at my Orchid that I have grown on my kitchen window sill, and listing my favourites, they are Pansy's for their happy smiling faces, Freshias, for the perfume, Fushias, for the splendour of the bud and forgetmenot in memory of my mum. There are plenty more nut those stick out in my mind.

Thats it for this evening, hopefully shall have a lot me to say tomorrow after my day out, till then take care

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Work Room

Why hello everyone, sorry its been a while, but I am now geared up and ready to go.

Well here goes, my work room is now finished thanks to my lovely hubby, hope you enjoy the photos.
This is what my room looked like at the beginning of this morning, not much to look at!

The hubby Dave, just gearing up ready for the mamoth task ahead, got all the gear laid out in the hall, and ready steady go!!!

10 minutes into the job and its cuppa time, how do we manage without the great British drink?

Watch out the drill is out!

My he did need his cuppa, bless him

And he hoovers

The work bench is now being fitted,

Next its the legs for that work bench, not much more left to do!

And now the sorting out, what a lot of stuff I have and did not realise it.
Got some pretty boxes to keep bits in.

The final finish, under the long shelves, Dave put me some strip lights for the intricate work, and on the short shelves a smaller light, so now I am all lite up, cant say that I cant see anymore.
The short wall has my new printer/scanner/copier, the laptop and the wireless connection so everything is away neat and tidy, all thats left for me to do is stain the work bench a pine colour to match the other part of the bench which was a computer desk, minus the shelves and cupboard, re-cycling a number one priority, save where I can.

I hope that you have enjoyed my day in my craft room with my hubby at work, now I can get on with my crafts without disturbing the rest of the family. Oh! and I got a new chair as well.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Night out

Good evening my fellow bloggers. Well what have I to say tonight, I have left hubby Dave watching the F Word as he is a lover of Indian food, as am I, but I wanted to tell you all about my week so far.

Last night I went to the theatre here in Lincoln, its a lovely place, very old and desperate need of renovation, if I won the lottery that's what I would do. The place has a quaint feel to it, and I am told that there is a ghost, which I believe. Lincoln has plenty of them. I went and saw That will be the Day, which has now been going for 24 years and it is fantastic. Its all 50's, 60's and 70's music with comedy thrown in. I introduced my 2 friends Tara and Alex to it and hubby came 2, they really enjoyed the whole show and pleased that they went. Next year we shall all go again cause its the 25 year and they shall be celebrating.

As from tomorrow I shall be having a week away from work, and do I need it, I have so much sewing to do from altering curtains and putting in zips for friends, even doing some repairs for my craft tutor. In between that I shall be having my 2 grand kiddies to stop the night next week, that will be fun. Dave has promised me that he will build my work station and put up shelves so I shall have somewhere of my own to sit and craft, listen to my music and relax.

I have also been putting onto paper a design for a new Christmas bauble, I have taken pictures but cant down load them at the mo cause having trouble with my printer come scanner, there is a connection problem, can only happen to me. Not much cop with computers, printers etc, shall have to call on my daughter's help.

Next week Dave is also taking me to Harrogate to a knitting and stitching show, really looking forward to that, more news next week. All our shows for craft are either at Harrogate or Birmingham, so its a good day out.

Well my lovelies, I shall say goodnight, till the next Happy Blogging and have fun.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Just a quickie

Just a quick note to say hi, I have had a busy week since the 4th where does the time go to. Last night the 6th, my daughter Maxine and I attended a ladies night in aid of Cancer Research, the total that we all raised was nearly £500 hundred pounds.

2 husbands kindly donated their backs for a wax, and between them raised £200, my they did look sore at the end, but what brave people, 1 husband dressed up in ladies clothes (all in pink) complete with a Marolyn Monroe hair style, it was nice that the gentlemen gave up their time for this worthy cause.

On another note I have got in touch with my swop partner Cally, and I am in the middle of sorting thru my stocking, this is so exciting as both of us are new to this.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Hi everyone, I am excited, the day has finally arrived, I have found out that my swop partner is Cally, so I am going to contact Cally to find out a few things about her, what a lovely way of making friends, thank you to Beki on her Christmas swop and my first go. Yippie

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Well here I am at last, managed to get the picture off my external hard drive, I can tell you I am pleased with all this technology, did not think I was capable.

Don't know what happened to last post but was having trouble down loading the picture, still cant post my signature for some reason, I can copy but not paste. I think it's the new Windows 7 I have on here

But here is the living proof, hay presto the said Baubles for Kelly and her mum, Kelly's are the white and pink an the others are Jan's hope you like them, don't know what happened to the picture last night ha ha.

love Connie xx

Monday, 2 November 2009

Hi everyone

Hi everyone, I am pleased to be back working on my new Laptop, it is exciting. I have got all my craft photos save to an external hard drive so it wont slow me down ha ha.

It has been a very busy couple of weeks getting things sorted out, and I am pleased also to say that I had a brilliant weekend with Jan and Martin Kelly's mum and dad. Jan calls me Conifer and I call her January, even Kelly calls me Conifer. I have also sent to Kelly her baubles, January loved hers, and I am busy making her some icicles for Kelly's old room in the colours of pale blue, clear and white, they do look nice so far, here is a photo of the baubles that I made them. The turquise ones are January's and the rose and white are Kelly's, I have to admit I do love making them, have had a break from the Cancer ones to make these but shall now get back to making some more.

One Wednesday, I shall be going to my craft afternoon, where I shall be showing a new lady how to make them, we started off last week on the icicle which is the easy one to do, its good fun. My husband Dave is now going to sort me out my craft room, I took down his shelves that he had up displaying his model vans!!! and stored them in a box ready to go up the attic, bearing in mind that I only live in a bungelo and dont have much room, to make way for my new shelves. I managed to get some lovely boxes at the week to store some of my stuff in they are red and black, my favourite colour is red so I was over the moon.

Tomorrow I shall be having a busy day, got to nip into Lincoln, have my flu injection, put 2 new zips in some trousers for a friend at work, so tomorrow will fly by. and then shorted a pair of curtains for another friend, where do I find the time!!!!

Right my lovelies I shall close now, till the next take care.

love Connie xxx

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Hi everyone, sorry for not blogging these past few days, but this old computer is on its last legs, so I have had to borrow one till I get my new laptop on Tuesday. Its getting like me old and past it, lol, no really it has done me well had it for well over 15 yrs and one upgraed so its not done to bad.

I am going to give you a link to my friend Joanna who was part of the Jane Austin weekend, in the opening shot Jo and her husband can be seen for a few seconds, hope that you like it, Joanna is in the blue jacket and bonnett, also check out her site for the medival wedding dresses she makes.

I have been busy again making crystal hangers for windows which I must say have come out ok, quiet pleased with myself for a change. It has been a stressful week at work as no staff but I can rest for 2 days, mind if having 3 nippers under 6 tomorrow is restful I must be mad lol.

Well my dearies that shall be it for a few days till I am up and running, can wait. Enjoy your week xxx

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


After much deliberation I have decided to go with an idea from Kissed by an Angle for my Christmas theme so thank for that it was a great idea, the Rainbow as Peace was really interesting and I did not know about it, I mentioned it to my group and 3 of the ladies said that was fantastic.

At the moment I am busy down loading photos from my visit with Michele (friend of 40 yrs ago), I shall post a photo tomorrow when all sorted. It was a fantastic weekend and one that shall be repeated again and again. I am also down loading the caravan phots as I have also got them sorted so everyone can have a look.

So till tomorrow take care

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Help required

Hi everyone

This is a request for help, I belong to a small self help craft group and we have all been asked to make something for the Christmas tree in the hall where I go and the theme is PEACE, and we are after some ideas on what to make etc, any ideas would greatly be received. You can email me any ideas if you like. Thank you.

This shall be my last message (unless my nephew's comp is up and running) as I am off to Portsmouth tomorrow night for a few days visiting my sister, I have a big box of craft goodies to take down which has been donated and I am looking forward to the break, so i would like to wish you all a lovely week whats left and a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Hi everyone, well I am a very happy lady today I have finished Jan's and Kelly Christmas baubles, and if I say so myself they are looking good, photos to follow but not Kelly's as it will spoil the surprise on her colour's!!!!

My youngest daughter Gemma is in love with a shop called Ruby Red, which she has on a few occasions dragged me up to have a look and I must say the clothing and jewelery and accessories are really scrummy, and I have found them on the net and made the mistake of telling Gemma here is the link to Ruby Red and see for yourselves if you like them or not. I am not lucky enough to wear the clothing as I am not a tiny lady any more ha ha, but Gemma is being only a size 8.

Tonight I am having a break from the Cancer baubles but instead making some crystal hangers for the windows, ready for a craft nite on the 19th Oct, its a few people getting together for a ladies nite, chance to get spoilt.

Till later fellow bloggers, enjoy

Monday, 12 October 2009

A new week

Good evening to you all. Well what a lovely weekend I have had, on Saturday Maxine and Paige came with me to the new Hobbycraft shop that was opening in Hull. We where 2 of the first 100 people through the door and guess what we received a goodie bag worth £20 plus some money token's off the shopping that we planned to do. I brought some Pearl number 5 cottons for my bags, some plastic canvas, some small cross stitch's (all christmas ones) and the cards for my sister Lainey, it was a lovely day, then we went and had some lunch and then home. in the afternoon Dave and I went to his brothers so that Dave could put up some new lights for them and we stayed for tea, at the same time I was busy finishing Jan's (Kelly's mum) mobile case.

Kelly has kindly asked for some photos of the bauble that I have been making, I shall be posting some once I get my camera back from my in laws as they have borrowed it to take some pics of the inside of our caravan, so once I have it back you shall see them.

Today I have had my grandaughter which I do every Monday to help out with nursary fees, they are expensive. We have had a lazy day, Paige fell asleep in the car to Asda so I went for a drive for one and half hours so that she could have a good sleep, she is teething so its keeping her awake (and her mum), called into one of my favourite shops Dunelm Mill and brought myself some little stork sissors they were a good buy at only £3.49, last time I got some they cost me £8.50, so I brought 2 lol.

At the moment I am busy making Jan 2 Christmas baubles, and then I shall do some for Kelly, and then back to the Cancer ones.

Rite thats about my lot for today, happy blogging x
(Sorry I can talk for the world when I get going)
(P.S) One of the ideas fro Hobbycraft

Friday, 9 October 2009

In a quandary

Well today I cant make my mind up what I really want to do!!!!

I am going to start making my friend Jan ( Kelly's) mum a mobile case out of the velvet, but its hard deciding what colour so I think I shall make it bright and cheerful. Then I am making some crystal hangers for my daughter Maxine, this came about last Friday, Max need a raffle prize and asked if I could knock something up in 10 mins, and hay presto I came up with the crystal with red beads, at bit of Christmas, and now Max wants a load more, and as they say the rest is history.

On the Cancer bauble side, I have so many orders coming out of my ears that I have asked a friend Sylvia, (who also makes bits and peices) to give me a hand as I taught her how to do them a couple of years ago, and guess what she said yes, relief I can tell you. Max has already sold 50 of the baubles and is still getting more orders in, poor B & Q where I work have not had a chance to sell them yet!! Still not to worry.

I have lent my camera to the in laws to take some inside photos of the caravan for me, so when I get it back I shall take some more photos and post them at a later date.

On the inspriation side, I have just had a wonderful hour with my friend Brenda who also happens to be a craft teacher and she has given me some things to make over the next couple of weeks, Brenda designs stuff for her classes and has no use for them now, so I am lucky.

Rite thats me for now till later folks enjoy the rest of the day and have a lovely weekend, just in case I dont get the chance later.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A huge thank you

Thank you Della for this award, its my first one and I am so proud, you are most kind. As I am new to all this I am awarding this to everyone that follows me as I can't decide who to give it to as everyone of you have given me inspriation and a very warm welcome. I am enjoying this very much and love reading about your days and inspriations.

Today I am not at work due to an illness I have, but the time is not wasted, I have been busy with my sewing making a new bag, I have also been making crystal hanging's for my daughter Maxine, as prizes for her candle party's, its the one thing that you can choose different coloured beads to make the decorations, and it adds different colours to your room.

Up here it's sunny Lincoln, been sat in the conservatory, with the 2 dogs enjoying it. Very blissfull.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Restful Sunday

Today was a lovely restful for day for me. My hubby invited my daughter, husband and grandkids for a full roast dinner, he cooked it beautifully.

Me I just sat and made the rest of the baubles for Maxine, just 2 more to go, and then I shall have a rest and make a bag for a friend.

I have also been maling plans to travel down south to Portsmouth to visit my sister Lainey for the weekend, I have got a large box full of craft bits because I have been teaching her how to do some bits, in order for her to teach the Service User's that she has at the home she works for, I shall also be going to visit my Aunt who lives near Aldershot. Whilst I am there I have also made arrangements to visit a very very old friend from when I was 9 years old and living in Barnard Castle, now there is one very pretty town. Sorry strayed away there, memories. Now this old friend contacted me thru a friend of my mums, they where reminiscing about the olden days ha ha, and she gave Michelle my address, and as they say the rest is history.

I shall let you all know how the weekend goes. Well that's it for today and would just like to say have a lovely week in what ever you all shall be doing.