Friday, 9 October 2009

In a quandary

Well today I cant make my mind up what I really want to do!!!!

I am going to start making my friend Jan ( Kelly's) mum a mobile case out of the velvet, but its hard deciding what colour so I think I shall make it bright and cheerful. Then I am making some crystal hangers for my daughter Maxine, this came about last Friday, Max need a raffle prize and asked if I could knock something up in 10 mins, and hay presto I came up with the crystal with red beads, at bit of Christmas, and now Max wants a load more, and as they say the rest is history.

On the Cancer bauble side, I have so many orders coming out of my ears that I have asked a friend Sylvia, (who also makes bits and peices) to give me a hand as I taught her how to do them a couple of years ago, and guess what she said yes, relief I can tell you. Max has already sold 50 of the baubles and is still getting more orders in, poor B & Q where I work have not had a chance to sell them yet!! Still not to worry.

I have lent my camera to the in laws to take some inside photos of the caravan for me, so when I get it back I shall take some more photos and post them at a later date.

On the inspriation side, I have just had a wonderful hour with my friend Brenda who also happens to be a craft teacher and she has given me some things to make over the next couple of weeks, Brenda designs stuff for her classes and has no use for them now, so I am lucky.

Rite thats me for now till later folks enjoy the rest of the day and have a lovely weekend, just in case I dont get the chance later.


  1. How kind you are making these baubles for your favourite charity. What a lovely way to keep supporting them. How nice that your friend is able to help you too!


  2. Hey,
    Sounds like you have plenty to do!
    We need to see some pics of your baubles xx
    Glad you could round up some help to get you further along xxxx

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxx

  3. Hello darling, I have missed you so much!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind wishes for my dad's speedy recovery. I am one lucky girl to have you as a friend; you truly are the gem in my teacup. I am now off to stroll around your blog to see what I have missed.

    Love & Hugs


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