Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Time to enjoy

Today has been very enjoyable, I went to my craft afternoon and my niece Tina came and joined us for half and hour, Tina is going to Queens Medical (Nottingham) in January to train as a nurse and this was her chance to see everyone before she goes, so we spent a lovely afternoon with her.

Today I also learnt how to make a decoration out of material and a polystyrene ball, something I have wanted to learn for a while, it was easier than I thought, now all I have to do is buy some Christmas material and edgings and I shall be well away.

On the home front, I have not really been in a crafty mood until last night, when I managed to make a new bauble, in red and gold, its looking good, so now I am back focused, and my new craft room is so lovely to use, I don't have to pack things away when the grand kiddies come round, and can sit there till my hearts content. I light my candles and put on the radio so its heaven.


  1. It's so good when something gets you focused again isn't it?? You feel like you're full of ideas again after a sort of lull. Lucey xx

  2. I just found my crafty mood- I think the list helped!

  3. Hi Connie, first of all thankyou so much for your sweet comment. I will have to post some more photos of our baby birds as they grow.
    A crafting afternoon sounds perfect! And goodluck to your niece studying nursing, it really is a rewarding career with so many opportunities.


  4. You sound like you have been having a great time!!!

    Pop over to my blog and join in my holiday give away!! I'd hate you to miss out on the fun and the goodies!!!



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