Monday, 12 October 2009

A new week

Good evening to you all. Well what a lovely weekend I have had, on Saturday Maxine and Paige came with me to the new Hobbycraft shop that was opening in Hull. We where 2 of the first 100 people through the door and guess what we received a goodie bag worth £20 plus some money token's off the shopping that we planned to do. I brought some Pearl number 5 cottons for my bags, some plastic canvas, some small cross stitch's (all christmas ones) and the cards for my sister Lainey, it was a lovely day, then we went and had some lunch and then home. in the afternoon Dave and I went to his brothers so that Dave could put up some new lights for them and we stayed for tea, at the same time I was busy finishing Jan's (Kelly's mum) mobile case.

Kelly has kindly asked for some photos of the bauble that I have been making, I shall be posting some once I get my camera back from my in laws as they have borrowed it to take some pics of the inside of our caravan, so once I have it back you shall see them.

Today I have had my grandaughter which I do every Monday to help out with nursary fees, they are expensive. We have had a lazy day, Paige fell asleep in the car to Asda so I went for a drive for one and half hours so that she could have a good sleep, she is teething so its keeping her awake (and her mum), called into one of my favourite shops Dunelm Mill and brought myself some little stork sissors they were a good buy at only £3.49, last time I got some they cost me £8.50, so I brought 2 lol.

At the moment I am busy making Jan 2 Christmas baubles, and then I shall do some for Kelly, and then back to the Cancer ones.

Rite thats about my lot for today, happy blogging x
(Sorry I can talk for the world when I get going)
(P.S) One of the ideas fro Hobbycraft


  1. It sounds like you have had a busy few days! Where do you get your energy from! It sounds like you never stop! Well done!!


  2. We had a Hobbycraft open nearby recently! Comes in handy!

    Victoria x


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