Friday, 20 November 2009


My trip yesterday was fantastic, arrived at the Stitching and Knitting Show, Harrogate about 11ish, with my lovely hubby Dave, and what a day, loads and loads to see and watch, did not know where to look first. It has been about 6years since I last went there, and I was not disappointed.

I brought myself some goldwork and beads for myself, once they are made I shall post them on my site. Joined the Beadworkers Guild again, as I lost my membership, it was only £23 for the year, I received 3 mags which of course I have sat and read thru last nite, they are fantastic go and have a look at they have a lot of information that you can use if you are into beads.

On another note I have decided to try and get my City in Guilds in Goldwork and Beading, as it is a passion of mine, with a view to teaching at the end of it, as here in Lincoln there is not much for crafts.

Today Dave and I went to Staffordshire to the National Memorial Arboretum, what a place, so loved and well kept, its not just the forces there, its the Police, RNLI, the Co-Op to name a few. Dave has wanted to go for quiet sometime as there are a couple of friends names on the wall, it was very emotional, so if you have not already been pop over to Stafforshire and have a look or visit, the scenery is beautiful.
Whilst I was there Lichfield is not far about 12 miles, so I got Dave to take me to the Spellboundbead Shop, what a treasure trove, beads coming out of my ears!!! and everything you could possibly need, again pop over and have a look at their site, the knowledge they have is second to none, and so helpful. I also met them at the show, and have brought from them for a couple of years and their on line service is fantastic.
On a personal note I would like to wish Dave a happy 54th birthday today, the day was his even buying beads from Spellbound lol for me to make into Christmas decorations, the colour orange and black!!!! Bless him.
I am off now to put the finishing touches on Cally's pressie for the Stocking Swop so that I can get them posted on Monday, so everyone have a lovely weekend.

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  1. Sounds like you have been having some fun!!!!


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