Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Well what has been happening up here in Lincolnshire. Ben had a lovely birthday with loads of pressie's and birthday money, he had a fun day as did all of us, plenty of food and a bouncy castle, face painting, the kiddies where shattered at the end.

Me well I am not very good, those's that know me will understand when I say PAIN plenty of it, in fact its so bad I am off work at the moment, back to the docs tomorrow and find out the verdict if I am going back. I can honestly say that B & Q is killing me, I have a spinal disability and all the heavy lifting that I do has not helped. Anyways we shall see.

This past Monday I went to my local newsagents as the owner is after some more help in his shop and wants a mature person, I think I fit the bill being 52yrs lol. So fingers crossed that I will be lucky, more on that at a later date.

Well in four weeks I shall be in Turkey, Side is the place we are going to, it shall be Dave (the hubby), Mark (son in law), Maxine (daughter), Ben and Paige (grandchildren) and Me, yippee cant wait, 2 weeks of sun and relaxing just what we all need.

I have been to another beading class photos to follow, I do find it all relaxing doing beading and Goldwork. I have arranged to have a tutor over on the 19th May for a day's crafting, we are going to be doing Cornucopia, I don't know much about it so when the lesson is done and the work finished I shall post pictures and a description.

Well my lovelies I shall sign off for now and would like to wish everyone happiness and love.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Little Man

Well my friends here in the world of blog, it has been a busy week for me.

Firstly it has been my daughter's 31st birthday last Wednesday, and she was spoilt again, Maxine wanted a Pandora Bracelet for her day so Gemma and I got her a charme each, that left her hubby Mark and the nippers to get the bracelet which they did, needless to say she was over the moon.

And today Ben my little man had his 6th birthday party. He had 25 friends to the hall that his mummy and daddy hired for him, along with a bouncy castle, which was neat according to him, there was also face painting, the kids thought it was great, just hope the parents have a peacful nite cause they where all shattered.

Tomorrow (Monday) I shall be have Ben and Paige for the day, so after the gas man has been we are going to see my friend Tara and her kiddies, who love Ben to bits, I am also going to show Megan how to finish the bracelet that I have been teaching her to make. We will all have lunch then maybe go to play zone so the kids can let off steam before they go back to school Tuesday.

Today it has been really warm and sunny and do you know what it makes everyone smile and be happy which is what is needed after the winter, hopefully it shall carry on.

So my lovelies I shall sign off for tonite and wish everyone a lovely week, and I shall now catch up on your blogs.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Well what can I say, I have been duped by my oldest friends, Rosie P, Kissed by and Angle and Kelly's Recipe's for life.

I have been following them all since Kelly set me up and did not know it was her aunt and mum, we have known each other since meeting in Italy, they where being nosy at our Conway Cruiser, so I said come in and have a look, and as they say that was that, we have been friends since.

In fact January as I call her cut short their holiday and travelled up to Bielefeld in Germany where i lived with my lot and came to stay, this is how much I trusted them, I gave them the keys to my house and my daughters whilst I was at work. Ours is a friendship that is always there, and even though we don't see a great deal of each other, we pick up where we left off, to me they are friends for life.

So to Kissed by and Angle, Kelly's Recipe's for Life and Rosie P, I just want to say a big huge thank you for your love and friendship xxxxxx

Caft Group

Good evening everyone, welcome to a new day and I hope this finds you all well.
This bunch of ladies are the Morton Craft Group, we are all self help who have a passion for crafts. The lady in the middle at the back is Mary and the lady at the right end is Jackie I have known them now for over 10 years we used to do bobbin lace together until the group broke up so Mary and Jackie decided to make the self help group. We meet on a Wednesday afternoon for 2 hours, pass knowledge on to each other and generally have a fun afternoon.
From the left is Ann, Marleen, Chris, Cath (at the back), Linda, Mary (at the back), Jenny,
me (in the B&Q uniform), Ann and then Jackie

The photo above are my latest projects, the top one in blue and the middle one are the same pattern from America, I say one thing about the Americans there are plenty of bead sites.

The one at the bottom is what I made on Tuesday at the workshop I went to in Scunthorpe at the Bead Cabin. Glenda owns the business and started workshops, pop over to her web site and have a look, she has just gone live on the net and welcomes comments as this is all new to her as well. I shall be over there again next Tuesday for another go at a workshop to make a Ladder Bracelet in twisted bugle's picture to follow.

Well my friends I shall wish you all goodbye for now, till the next, take care and warm wishes.

Thursday, 8 April 2010


Hi everyone, catching up now on my blog and sharing my happiness is a great feeling.
The above photo is one of my favourites it was the Nostalgia stall
they deal in various types of beads, wires etc pop along and have a look.
The photo above are the 2 friends that came with me to the NEC, on the left is Jackie, Jackie has a wealth of knowledge all to do with crafts and is a brill helper and Jenny is on the right. Jenny is also a guider and gets ideas from us all to help the Guides, Jenny is also a member to the Embroiders Guild and is just starting to learn how to bead, I am teaching the craft group I go to.
The above photo is on a stall at the NEC that took my eye, it was full of handy bags and containers to keep beads, cross stitch, tools etc, it was the spotted one I liked. The whole day was fantastic, and fun, even though we got caught up in traffic coming back. We did not spend to much money!!!! which I must say makes a change. The next big event I am hoping to visit is actually here in Lincoln this July, we are going to have a craft fair on the showground, after that it shall be a trip to Harrogate, this time we are thinking of hiring a mini bus to go in instead of loads of cars.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Hi everyone, I am sorry that I have not been on for a while, I was hoping by this time I would have received some photos of my day teaching at my sister Lainey's place of work, the above photo is Lainey and my nephew Andrew, we nipped into Bogna Regis after visiting my mums grave at Chichester, it was a lovely warm day.
I can't call it working when I visited Lainey's place of work, it was FUN FUN, what a great day I had, arrived for 9.30am, got all set up with my machine and introduced to all the service users, what a lovely bunch they where. I had a shadow for the rest of the day his name was Paul, he was so interested in the machine and helped me all day. All the users decorated their bags, put their names on them so everyone was different. In total we made 20 bags, those that did not get finished I took back to Lainey's and finished them all off for them.

Paul who was my shadow was telling me that it was soon his birthday and was getting a new PSP!!! and did not have anything to keep it in so I made him his own case with his name on and wrapped it up for his birthday, I also brought him a card, normally if you are staff you are not allowed to buy or make them anything, but as I was a visitor it was ok.

I had my photo taken with each one and was hoping to have them sent to me but no luck, the smiles on their faces was brill, it was a pleasure doing what I did and have been asked if I would do it again, of course I said yes.

I had a lovely day on the Monday, I went sight seeing on my own, I visited HMS Victory and HMS Warrior, Portsmouth Cathedral (which I must declare I did not know was there)!!! how bad is that. The Mary Rose was closed off due to refurbishments going on, but I look at the museum which was great.

The photo's are Portsmouth Cathedral and the Stateroom on HMS Victory, I never get fed up visiting the Victory and Warrior, but I think my favourite is Warrior!!!!