Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Work Room

Why hello everyone, sorry its been a while, but I am now geared up and ready to go.

Well here goes, my work room is now finished thanks to my lovely hubby, hope you enjoy the photos.
This is what my room looked like at the beginning of this morning, not much to look at!

The hubby Dave, just gearing up ready for the mamoth task ahead, got all the gear laid out in the hall, and ready steady go!!!

10 minutes into the job and its cuppa time, how do we manage without the great British drink?

Watch out the drill is out!

My he did need his cuppa, bless him

And he hoovers

The work bench is now being fitted,

Next its the legs for that work bench, not much more left to do!

And now the sorting out, what a lot of stuff I have and did not realise it.
Got some pretty boxes to keep bits in.

The final finish, under the long shelves, Dave put me some strip lights for the intricate work, and on the short shelves a smaller light, so now I am all lite up, cant say that I cant see anymore.
The short wall has my new printer/scanner/copier, the laptop and the wireless connection so everything is away neat and tidy, all thats left for me to do is stain the work bench a pine colour to match the other part of the bench which was a computer desk, minus the shelves and cupboard, re-cycling a number one priority, save where I can.

I hope that you have enjoyed my day in my craft room with my hubby at work, now I can get on with my crafts without disturbing the rest of the family. Oh! and I got a new chair as well.


  1. Looks lovely! I'm so jealous...and now I feel the need to organize and rearrange my craft area. :)

  2. What a wonderful job hubby made of your craft room!! You are so lucky!!


  3. What a great job you hubby made of your craft room!! You are so lucky!!



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