Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Busy Busy

Hi everyone, well today has been heaven for me, a short day at the land of B&Q!! then onto my craft afternoon, which I goto everyweek, it was sheer bliss, made a gold sparkle decoration for a friend for Christmas, it is made from Gutterman beads, gems, sewn onto a sieve, with a donut to give it depth, I will publish a photo when fully finished for all to see.

On top of this I have been asked to make a ruched velvet bag for Halloween in turquoise velvet, which I had specially dyed for my friend Jo who makes the medieval dresses, so looking forward to getting that done for her, plus I have found a site near to my home where I can get glass baubles, so going to place an order so that I can make Kelly's mum 2, in between I still have the Cancer baubles to do, so for the next month my fingers will be worn out, yippee.

On the home front I have persuaded my hubby to build me a work top in my little craft room as I love sitting in here doing my crafts and listening to music! bliss :) x NO TV lol

Monday, 28 September 2009

Birthday Girl

I would just like to wish my daughter Gemma (also known as puddle) a happy 25th birthday today. This is Gemma on her birthday night out dressed as Little Bo Peep.

Many happy returns sweetheart

I'm back

Hay ho I am back from the land of Chaple St Leonards, on the glorious east coast, after having a lovely few days away with my crafts, and goodness was I busy.

My lovely daughter Maxine decided to let all her friends at work know about the baubles that I have been making for Cancer Research, well I got a call to say she needed 36 yes 36 for her friends, so my fingers where busy busy, I am pleased to anounce that I have completed them and they are ready to be taken to Maxine today.

Hope that you like the photo: The baubles are a pearl colour, decorated with pink and white beads, with faceted beads on the tails.


Saturday, 19 September 2009


Hi everyone, this is just to say that I shall be away for the next 5 days on holiday at "Sunny Chapel St Leonards" which on the coast about 1 hour's drive, its on the outskirts from Skegness!!! Its a lovely quiet place, ideal for thinking, reading, resting or the best Crafting.

I shall be busy making Christmas Baubles for Cancer Research and selling them to friends and family, I try each year to do something to raise money for this worthy cause, owing to the fact I am a ex sufferer 7 years now, and still going strong, it takes more than Cancer to beat me as Kelly knows.

When I get back I shall post some pics of the baubles for you all to see, and hopefully you will think they are nice.

Tatty bye for now, till next week, everyone have a lovely weekend and not to busy a week.


Thursday, 17 September 2009

A nice surprise

Well what can I say, had a pleasant surprise when I got home today, some velvet I had ordered a little while ago that I have specially tie dyed arrives ahead of schedule and the colours are gorgeous. The lovely lady that dye's them lives in the beautiful county of Norfolk, in a village called Gooderstone. The velvet is really scrumptious and soft and the colours Sandra has done for me are lovely. Sandra has even dyed one in a turquoise colour for a special bag that I am going to make for a friend Joanne who takes part in re-enactments, Joanne also makes her own outfits to suit the period they are doing. Tomorrow Joanne is off to Bath on a Jane Austin weekend and again has made hers and her husbands outfit, well hello Mr Darcey, I am envious !!!!


Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Well this is a lovely day to celebrate my oldest standing friends Jan and Martin Garwood, as it is their 35 wedding anniversay, the sun has been shinning for them today and over the past 35 years, lets wish them another 35 years at least xxxxx

Monday, 14 September 2009


Well I have had fun today, decided to treat myself to a new mobile phone, found the one I wanted its a Samsung Tocco and its in pink,but can't find a picture in the colour
Then tonight had a lesson in editing my site and adding pictures, links, did not know it was this much fun to do!

My daughters dog Ezme (a miniature Jack Russel) was playing with a huge spider in the living room earlier and rolling over it, she has had us in bits, and now she has locked herself in the bathroom and is crying ah!!!


Sunday, 13 September 2009


I'm in the stages of making a scissor keep case in ruched velvet for a friend of mine. This type of needlework is one of my passions.

Here is a photo of 2 that I have already made from tie dyed velvet and Swarovski beads.

I have several orders for these at the moment, as well as the mobile phone cases I make.

Good job I enjoy making them so much!


Thursday, 10 September 2009

New project

Things are looking up, next week I am hopefully going to a social evening where I will have the chance to exhibit my various crafts that I make, along with my daughter who does Partylite candles.

My day today was busy at work, mind I was wishing that I was sat at home enjoying the sun and sewing, heaven!!


Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Craft day

Well what a fantastic day I have had, not been to work but a craft day with a fantastic tutor called Brenda Scarman, who has been taught by Tracy Franklin. Brenda is part of the Embroider's Guild here in Lincoln. Today we did a tulip in goldwork, when its finished I shall post it on to see what you think.

Here's a picture of some gold work by Tracy Franklin who is a world renowned teacher in the UK. I hope that mine will be as brilliant as Tracy's with more practice!!


Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Had a busy day with my granddaughter aged 2 and then grandson aged 5, they are really good and I had lots of fun playing!!

Having a candle party tonight. My daughter is a Partylite rep, and i get roped into having parties for her practice.

The candles are scrummy you could eat them.

What do you think to them?


Monday, 7 September 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Had a busy few minutes sorting my craft boxes!!!! There are plenty of them!

I've also been making a mobile phone case for a birthday gift, it's looking good, I'm really pleased with it.

I'm charging the camera up at the moment so cant show you but here is a picture of some wedding handbags I have made in a similar way

They are made by hand using a ruched velvet and beading technique and I really enjoy doing it! Well I'd better be off, the mobile phone cases aren't going to make themselves!



Today I went to visit a friend who fell over and broke her shoulder on the last day of her hols. She wasn't even drunk bless her! In a lot of pain but still laughing!

First time

This weekend we went to visit some old friends in Essex. After meeting about 20 years ago on holiday in Italy, we became friends instantly and within a week were friends for life!

We had a brill time as always!

While there my friend's daughter was telling me about her blog and how she had met some great, like minded people as a result. sounds good to me! She suggested, knowing how crazy I am about needlecraft and lace making, that I might like to start my own blog as there would be others like me that would share their ideas and opinions. No time like the present, we fired up the computer and here I am!

I wish to thank
Kelly for all her help yesterday setting me up. Thank you x