Tuesday, 24 November 2009

To Cally

This is my Santa Stocking Swap from Cally , and what a beautiful collection Cally has sent me, I do hope you are all able to see. On the left is a little card called Christmas Cup of Kindness, and inside a tea bag, Yorkshire Tea mind,, my favourite, a very cute stocking, some hearts, a bag of roses, and a bag of beautiful beads, which I shall use on a special Christmas Bauble for myself in memory. A lovely little hat, a bow, and some Divine little buttons, I shall be hanging up the stocking etc here in my room and each time I look at them I shall think of my first swap and Cally. So all that remains for me to say Thank you Cally from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Dear Connie,
    You are so very welcome,I enjoyed reading about you and thinking about what you may like so I am thrilled to have got it right and that you have enjoyed receiving it as much as I enjoyed sending it!
    Warmest Wishes,
    Cally xxx

  2. All those lovely things inside a stocking how lovely. I'm excited thinking mine will arrive any day. Thanks for your lovely comments Lucey xx

  3. What a wonderful swap package Connie you lucky thing

    Victoria xx

  4. Great swap package! You are lucky!!! Glad you enjoyed your first swap!

  5. How exciting! I am yet to do a swap but hope to do one in my upcoming holidays. I always think they look like so much fun :)


  6. What a great swap package!! You got some great things!!

  7. I had my first blog swap too, its a lovely experience. Sharing and giving.


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