Friday, 18 December 2009

Well hello there

Well hi everyone, its been a while, but I have not been doing nothing. In fact I have been very busy, I have made lots more baubles for friends and family, and finished making the baubles for Cancer Research, I have only 2 left at work to sell, so far I have made about £130 for this good cause, shall have to get my thinking head on for my next project.

I have now got my craft room up and running and all Christmasy as well, the tree is up and dressed, my decorations go back 32 years for some of them, and my angle is only 4" high and she is 30 years old, I have recovered her since then, but Gemma and Dave wont let me buy a new one, even thought she is lost on the tree, I shall take some photos and post them next time.

This year we are going to Maxines for Christmas day, and we are not having the traditional turkey we are having Indian, its all cooked and ready in the freezer, hubby is a brill cook so I have left it to them, really looking forward to it, I only have that day off work so shall make the most of it.
I have been catching up with old friends and new ones thru cards and the internet, it has been fun. I shall sign off now so till the next take care and have a lovely weekend.


  1. Well done you for raising so much money!

    And no turkey but indian on Christmas day... you'll have to tell us more about that!

    Victoria xxx

  2. My darling I wish you and yours all the joy, love, hope, blessings, peace, laughter, miracles, good health and boundless wealth during this holiday season and always.

    Love & Hugs

  3. I posted about your lovely baubles Conifer everyone liked them!!!!
    I have had Dave's Indian cooking and can assure everyone that it will certainly be a feast worthy of Christmas dinner!!! Save me some!!!!

  4. Well done for raising all that money for charity with your baubles!!

    Indian for Christmas Dinner - sounds fantastic and no leftovers for a week afterwards!!!!!

    Wishing you and your family many blessings for Christmas and the coming year!!



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