Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Help required

Hi everyone

This is a request for help, I belong to a small self help craft group and we have all been asked to make something for the Christmas tree in the hall where I go and the theme is PEACE, and we are after some ideas on what to make etc, any ideas would greatly be received. You can email me any ideas if you like. Thank you.

This shall be my last message (unless my nephew's comp is up and running) as I am off to Portsmouth tomorrow night for a few days visiting my sister, I have a big box of craft goodies to take down which has been donated and I am looking forward to the break, so i would like to wish you all a lovely week whats left and a lovely weekend.


  1. There I was clicking away and I came across your blog and read that you come from Lincoln I love it there and like to come down for the christmas fair. Happy blogging I'm following you....Love Lucey x

  2. Hi Connie

    What about some of the lovely baubles you have been telling us about but this time made in rainbow colour stripes like the Peace flag?? Doves too would symbolise peace!!! Just a couple of ideas!!

    Have a great weekend with your sister!


  3. Hi Connie,

    Thank you for your kind comments today, I've returned from the dentist and am all wired up!!

    Victoria x


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