Sunday, 25 October 2009


Hi everyone, sorry for not blogging these past few days, but this old computer is on its last legs, so I have had to borrow one till I get my new laptop on Tuesday. Its getting like me old and past it, lol, no really it has done me well had it for well over 15 yrs and one upgraed so its not done to bad.

I am going to give you a link to my friend Joanna who was part of the Jane Austin weekend, in the opening shot Jo and her husband can be seen for a few seconds, hope that you like it, Joanna is in the blue jacket and bonnett, also check out her site for the medival wedding dresses she makes.

I have been busy again making crystal hangers for windows which I must say have come out ok, quiet pleased with myself for a change. It has been a stressful week at work as no staff but I can rest for 2 days, mind if having 3 nippers under 6 tomorrow is restful I must be mad lol.

Well my dearies that shall be it for a few days till I am up and running, can wait. Enjoy your week xxx

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


After much deliberation I have decided to go with an idea from Kissed by an Angle for my Christmas theme so thank for that it was a great idea, the Rainbow as Peace was really interesting and I did not know about it, I mentioned it to my group and 3 of the ladies said that was fantastic.

At the moment I am busy down loading photos from my visit with Michele (friend of 40 yrs ago), I shall post a photo tomorrow when all sorted. It was a fantastic weekend and one that shall be repeated again and again. I am also down loading the caravan phots as I have also got them sorted so everyone can have a look.

So till tomorrow take care

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Help required

Hi everyone

This is a request for help, I belong to a small self help craft group and we have all been asked to make something for the Christmas tree in the hall where I go and the theme is PEACE, and we are after some ideas on what to make etc, any ideas would greatly be received. You can email me any ideas if you like. Thank you.

This shall be my last message (unless my nephew's comp is up and running) as I am off to Portsmouth tomorrow night for a few days visiting my sister, I have a big box of craft goodies to take down which has been donated and I am looking forward to the break, so i would like to wish you all a lovely week whats left and a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Hi everyone, well I am a very happy lady today I have finished Jan's and Kelly Christmas baubles, and if I say so myself they are looking good, photos to follow but not Kelly's as it will spoil the surprise on her colour's!!!!

My youngest daughter Gemma is in love with a shop called Ruby Red, which she has on a few occasions dragged me up to have a look and I must say the clothing and jewelery and accessories are really scrummy, and I have found them on the net and made the mistake of telling Gemma here is the link to Ruby Red and see for yourselves if you like them or not. I am not lucky enough to wear the clothing as I am not a tiny lady any more ha ha, but Gemma is being only a size 8.

Tonight I am having a break from the Cancer baubles but instead making some crystal hangers for the windows, ready for a craft nite on the 19th Oct, its a few people getting together for a ladies nite, chance to get spoilt.

Till later fellow bloggers, enjoy

Monday, 12 October 2009

A new week

Good evening to you all. Well what a lovely weekend I have had, on Saturday Maxine and Paige came with me to the new Hobbycraft shop that was opening in Hull. We where 2 of the first 100 people through the door and guess what we received a goodie bag worth £20 plus some money token's off the shopping that we planned to do. I brought some Pearl number 5 cottons for my bags, some plastic canvas, some small cross stitch's (all christmas ones) and the cards for my sister Lainey, it was a lovely day, then we went and had some lunch and then home. in the afternoon Dave and I went to his brothers so that Dave could put up some new lights for them and we stayed for tea, at the same time I was busy finishing Jan's (Kelly's mum) mobile case.

Kelly has kindly asked for some photos of the bauble that I have been making, I shall be posting some once I get my camera back from my in laws as they have borrowed it to take some pics of the inside of our caravan, so once I have it back you shall see them.

Today I have had my grandaughter which I do every Monday to help out with nursary fees, they are expensive. We have had a lazy day, Paige fell asleep in the car to Asda so I went for a drive for one and half hours so that she could have a good sleep, she is teething so its keeping her awake (and her mum), called into one of my favourite shops Dunelm Mill and brought myself some little stork sissors they were a good buy at only £3.49, last time I got some they cost me £8.50, so I brought 2 lol.

At the moment I am busy making Jan 2 Christmas baubles, and then I shall do some for Kelly, and then back to the Cancer ones.

Rite thats about my lot for today, happy blogging x
(Sorry I can talk for the world when I get going)
(P.S) One of the ideas fro Hobbycraft

Friday, 9 October 2009

In a quandary

Well today I cant make my mind up what I really want to do!!!!

I am going to start making my friend Jan ( Kelly's) mum a mobile case out of the velvet, but its hard deciding what colour so I think I shall make it bright and cheerful. Then I am making some crystal hangers for my daughter Maxine, this came about last Friday, Max need a raffle prize and asked if I could knock something up in 10 mins, and hay presto I came up with the crystal with red beads, at bit of Christmas, and now Max wants a load more, and as they say the rest is history.

On the Cancer bauble side, I have so many orders coming out of my ears that I have asked a friend Sylvia, (who also makes bits and peices) to give me a hand as I taught her how to do them a couple of years ago, and guess what she said yes, relief I can tell you. Max has already sold 50 of the baubles and is still getting more orders in, poor B & Q where I work have not had a chance to sell them yet!! Still not to worry.

I have lent my camera to the in laws to take some inside photos of the caravan for me, so when I get it back I shall take some more photos and post them at a later date.

On the inspriation side, I have just had a wonderful hour with my friend Brenda who also happens to be a craft teacher and she has given me some things to make over the next couple of weeks, Brenda designs stuff for her classes and has no use for them now, so I am lucky.

Rite thats me for now till later folks enjoy the rest of the day and have a lovely weekend, just in case I dont get the chance later.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A huge thank you

Thank you Della for this award, its my first one and I am so proud, you are most kind. As I am new to all this I am awarding this to everyone that follows me as I can't decide who to give it to as everyone of you have given me inspriation and a very warm welcome. I am enjoying this very much and love reading about your days and inspriations.

Today I am not at work due to an illness I have, but the time is not wasted, I have been busy with my sewing making a new bag, I have also been making crystal hanging's for my daughter Maxine, as prizes for her candle party's, its the one thing that you can choose different coloured beads to make the decorations, and it adds different colours to your room.

Up here it's sunny Lincoln, been sat in the conservatory, with the 2 dogs enjoying it. Very blissfull.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Restful Sunday

Today was a lovely restful for day for me. My hubby invited my daughter, husband and grandkids for a full roast dinner, he cooked it beautifully.

Me I just sat and made the rest of the baubles for Maxine, just 2 more to go, and then I shall have a rest and make a bag for a friend.

I have also been maling plans to travel down south to Portsmouth to visit my sister Lainey for the weekend, I have got a large box full of craft bits because I have been teaching her how to do some bits, in order for her to teach the Service User's that she has at the home she works for, I shall also be going to visit my Aunt who lives near Aldershot. Whilst I am there I have also made arrangements to visit a very very old friend from when I was 9 years old and living in Barnard Castle, now there is one very pretty town. Sorry strayed away there, memories. Now this old friend contacted me thru a friend of my mums, they where reminiscing about the olden days ha ha, and she gave Michelle my address, and as they say the rest is history.

I shall let you all know how the weekend goes. Well that's it for today and would just like to say have a lovely week in what ever you all shall be doing.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Chaple St Leonards

At last I have managed to down loads the photo's of our caravan from my phone, what a nightmare, its a new phone and would not download onto the computer, so I had to Bluetooth to Gemma so she could download them for me :).

This is the peace and quiet that I have when I go away for a couple of days, my caravan is a Richmond 3 bed static, with all mod cons, home from home.

The view is lovely looking over fields that have Friesen cows, they are cream in colour and beautiful to look at. Also there are foxes running free, one even comes up to the van, plenty of birds, squirrels.

Dave and I visited a Heavy Horse home at Spilsby which is now far from us here is a picture of William he was so friendly you could do anything to him. At the home they do jousting, medieval days during the year.

Friday, 2 October 2009


As promised is the velvet that I use, which is really scrummy. The lady that does them for me is fantastic, she does not have a Web site but is happy for me to give her email address for anyone that is interested.
Here it is and her name is Sandra Beech and the email address is:
This is a small selection that I have and hope that you can see it ok:

I have various colours that Sandra has done for me, even matching colours up for special ones

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Long day

Good evening ladies, it has been a very long day at work today, I was chatting to my friend Joanne about crafts today and we have both decided that we would love to finish work and set up on our own, Joanna's making her wonderful dresses and me doing my alterations etc, wishful thinking. Pop along to Joanna's web site and have a ganders at what she has made,, I can honestly say she is brill for someone so young.

I hope that you can see this picture of a gold sparkle, its all individual strands of beads sewn onto a sieve and a donut (the donut gives it some body). I have done this one for a friend at my craft group's sister.

Tonight I have been sorting out the materials for Joanna's bag that she wants for the Halloween Party she is going to.