Thursday, 1 October 2009

Long day

Good evening ladies, it has been a very long day at work today, I was chatting to my friend Joanne about crafts today and we have both decided that we would love to finish work and set up on our own, Joanna's making her wonderful dresses and me doing my alterations etc, wishful thinking. Pop along to Joanna's web site and have a ganders at what she has made,, I can honestly say she is brill for someone so young.

I hope that you can see this picture of a gold sparkle, its all individual strands of beads sewn onto a sieve and a donut (the donut gives it some body). I have done this one for a friend at my craft group's sister.

Tonight I have been sorting out the materials for Joanna's bag that she wants for the Halloween Party she is going to.

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