Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Busy Busy

Hi everyone, well today has been heaven for me, a short day at the land of B&Q!! then onto my craft afternoon, which I goto everyweek, it was sheer bliss, made a gold sparkle decoration for a friend for Christmas, it is made from Gutterman beads, gems, sewn onto a sieve, with a donut to give it depth, I will publish a photo when fully finished for all to see.

On top of this I have been asked to make a ruched velvet bag for Halloween in turquoise velvet, which I had specially dyed for my friend Jo who makes the medieval dresses, so looking forward to getting that done for her, plus I have found a site near to my home where I can get glass baubles, so going to place an order so that I can make Kelly's mum 2, in between I still have the Cancer baubles to do, so for the next month my fingers will be worn out, yippee.

On the home front I have persuaded my hubby to build me a work top in my little craft room as I love sitting in here doing my crafts and listening to music! bliss :) x NO TV lol

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