Monday, 28 September 2009

I'm back

Hay ho I am back from the land of Chaple St Leonards, on the glorious east coast, after having a lovely few days away with my crafts, and goodness was I busy.

My lovely daughter Maxine decided to let all her friends at work know about the baubles that I have been making for Cancer Research, well I got a call to say she needed 36 yes 36 for her friends, so my fingers where busy busy, I am pleased to anounce that I have completed them and they are ready to be taken to Maxine today.

Hope that you like the photo: The baubles are a pearl colour, decorated with pink and white beads, with faceted beads on the tails.



  1. Welcome back Connie!
    The baubles are very pretty and of course for a worthy cause!
    Glad you had a lovely holiday!

  2. Thank you Michela, I have really enjoyed doing them, more to be made for the next event soon lol. Yes my holiday was lovely thanks x

  3. I love them I need a couple my bedroom Christmas tree is pink :) I'll send the money up with Mum and Dad :)

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxxx

  4. Um, so I thought I had become one of your followers, but apparently not. But now I am!

    Wow! Thirty-six? That's very cool!

  5. Those baubles are very pretty, but please please please can we have bigger photos? I would so love to seem them properly in all their glory.


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