Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Warm and cozy

Hello everyone.

At last all warm and cozy here at home, it took nearly a week to get the new part for my boiler, British Gas are ace in my books.

On the home front I have been very very busy making curtains and blinds for a lady who has OCD, and is making it very hard work to complete things for her. She brought some Laura Ashley fabric for her front room, very lovely it is until you go to sew it together and nothing matches!!! then to top it all the first pair we hanged we found out that her floor is not level, so in places they hung lovely in other they where to long argh!!!! Then she brought a blind and it was very flimsy and she could not get it to hang properly so asked me to put in blackout linings and redo the whole thing again, why is it they they never go together the same.

We had a lovely dusting of snow the other day, it made everything look lovely for a while, I went outside to put some rubbish in the bin and ended up on my bum covered in snow and laughing my head off, I am afraid that is my sense of humour, would not be any help to anyone if it was them, too busy laughing!!!! Wicked or what.

I do not know where my time goes at the moment, what with work, looking after my granddaughter and raising funds for my friend Leah who lost the baby. On that note I would like to say we are nearing my target of £1000, one of the young lads at work is going to do the Lincoln 10km marathon and everyone has been sponsoring him, so far nearly £200 in sponsorship.

On a personal note I would like to say a HUGE BIG THANK YOU to Lucy of Lemonade Kitty for her lovely generosity love and kisses back to you.

My Internet provider has been taken over and I have been having trouble getting on line, apparently they need to upgrade the lines!!!! what that means I do not have a clue, they have said that it will take a little while to get things sorted, so if I am quiet you now know why.

Well then that's about all for now, be back soon. Love and warm wishes to everyone.


  1. Welcome back!!! Glad to hear you are warm and cosy again now!!!

  2. Hi Connie! So glad the heating is up and running again! Sounds like you have been really busy!

  3. Glad you're warm and toasty again Connie. Sounds like you have been very busy lately.

    Hugs RosieP x


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