Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Hi everyone

I would just like to say sorry for not being in contact these past few weeks, but things have not been good with me.

I did not get to see my friend Jan (Kelly's mum), as she was poorly with her knee, so we put it off, so I did not get to see Kelly, which was a shame, and did not get to celebrate my and Jan's birthday together.

On the home front I have been busy getting my business up and running and so far its going well.

Had an order for 4 Christmas Baubles, and I am pleased to say they are done, I have also been making blinds, curtains etc for a lovely lady who is about to come out of the forces, so its exciting here at the moment, so if I go quiet for a little while please bear this in mind but shall do my best to write.

Next month I am excited about as I am off to the NEC for the big stitching show, taking a couple of friends so it should be a good day out. And for the first time here in Lincoln, we are having the first bead fair at our showground, cant wait for that either.

Well my lovelies, that's is all for now, once again sorry for not writing sooner.

Keep warm and keep happy and loving thoughts to you all.


  1. Have fun at the Fair!!
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x

  2. A disappointing time!! Have fun at the NEC though!!

  3. Enjoy the fair Connie, what a shame you didn't get to spend your birthday with your friend though.

    Hugs RosieP x


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