Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Whats happened?

Well my goodness what has happened to my page!!! It is a mystery to me, Kelly help, I did try to put Kelly's button on my side bar but must have pressed the wrong button lol, this is me who does not know what to do.

My daughter Maxine had to put her dog Jessie down last week, poor Jessie lost 4kg over night and they discovered 2 tumours, one in her stomach and the other growing on the side of the ribs, she lost weight over night and it was a big shock and as she was not a young girl anymore the vets recommended putting her to sleep. Maxine is going to get another dog as soon as she can, as it is horrible going into her house and not being greeted by Jessie and the kiddies are missing her. They have decided to have a rescue boxer when one comes avail.

On the home front, all is warm, we had no shower for 12 days, so had to go to Maxines for a bath cause we don't have one, but the shower is now fixed, yippie, wonder what is next.

On the sewing front, my lady with the OCD keeps changing her mind about her curtains, I am running out of patience now!!! but shall keep trying to please her fingers crossed. I have also been busy making linings, shortening trousers and trying to make 2 baubles!

It has been a lovely warm day up here in Lincoln, the sun is shining, the crocus and snowdrops are out, everyone has a smile on their faces it is so nice to see. My 2 dogs are sleeping and I am watching Ben-Hur again for about the 1000th time, its a classic.

Well my lovelies that is me for 2day, warm wishes and a loving smile to you all xxx


  1. Oh dear, things haven't been going to well for you lately!!! Give my condolences to Maxine and her family!!!
    Luckily the weather has been lovely for the last two days, making us all feel better!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your daughters dog, it's always a very sad time. Glad you have your shower back.

    Hugs RosieP x

  3. Sorry to hear about Jess! Give my love to Max xx
    Erm yes you have had a little misshap with the layout! I'll try to fix it over the weekend xxx


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