Saturday, 8 May 2010

Time flies past

My goodness where does the time go, it certainly disappears for me, don't seem 5 mins ago since I was on site.

Up here Mr J and Max, Mark, Ben and Paige oh and me are now on count down to our hol which is in 2 weeks time, come this Tuesday. Got the clothes, sun cream and first aid bag all ready, suitcase's to get down and pack. Then sort out some crafts to take with me ready for when I shall babysit for the kiddies.

Gemma is dog and house sitting for us (3 dogs) she is good, she will be busy doing her last essay ready for the end of her course, its only 6000 words where do you start, that's the question????

Here is a picture of one of my favourite flowers, Orchids, I have currently 5 in the kitchen, 3 of them are what I rescued from work and they are starting to get their flower stems on don't know what colour they will be. That's the beauty of rescuing them, discovering what they are going to be like.

I love this time of the year when things are all in bloom, plenty of blossom around things looks and smell lovely to. Specially after a good rain pour, which we had today, clears the air. The fields all look lovely with their different shades of green and the yellow of the Rape, which has a very strong smell this year or my nose is sensitive. Its the feel good factor.

Well my friends I shall sign off for now and would like to wish everyone and lovely week whether at home with your hobbies or at work!!!!


  1. HI Conifer

    Bet you can't wait for your hols, the kids will have a great time, give our love to everyone. Martin and I are off to Italy on Thursday to get the vans ready.

    Hugs RosieP x

  2. Morning Conifer, I bet you are all excited!!! Hope you don't have any problems with the volcanic ash and your flights!!! Yay for Puddleduck, she's always such a help!!

  3. Have a wonderful holidayxxxxxxxxxxx


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