Sunday, 23 May 2010

My Girls

Hi everyone, welcome to my girls Maxine and Gemma.The girls are getting ready to do the Race for Life today at Waddington air field at the top end of Lincoln. Gemma painted herself with neon colours on her face and arms, and when Maxine arrived Gemma did the same to her, they then got dressed for the occasion.

The final results don't they look fab. They where starting their run about 10.30 s0 as I am writing this they are doing it.

Both my girls are doing this for me because I had Breast Cancer in 2002, news flash just had a call from Gemma they have completed the 1st k, and its very hot, lots of people have dressed up so its fun all the way.

I am so proud of them both

This shall be my last post for a while because I am away on holiday this next Tuesday for 2 weeks with Maxine and family really looking forward to it. The case is packed got the sun lotion and the passports, here comes the sun x.


  1. The girls look great!

    Have a great holiday,

    Victoria xx

  2. Well done to the girls, hope you have a great holiday Conifer

    Hugs xxx

  3. Well done Max and Jemima!! They are great!! Have a great holiday!!

  4. Hope you have had a wonderful holiday...
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x


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