Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Caft Group

Good evening everyone, welcome to a new day and I hope this finds you all well.
This bunch of ladies are the Morton Craft Group, we are all self help who have a passion for crafts. The lady in the middle at the back is Mary and the lady at the right end is Jackie I have known them now for over 10 years we used to do bobbin lace together until the group broke up so Mary and Jackie decided to make the self help group. We meet on a Wednesday afternoon for 2 hours, pass knowledge on to each other and generally have a fun afternoon.
From the left is Ann, Marleen, Chris, Cath (at the back), Linda, Mary (at the back), Jenny,
me (in the B&Q uniform), Ann and then Jackie

The photo above are my latest projects, the top one in blue and the middle one are the same pattern from America, I say one thing about the Americans there are plenty of bead sites.

The one at the bottom is what I made on Tuesday at the workshop I went to in Scunthorpe at the Bead Cabin. Glenda owns the business and started workshops, pop over to her web site and have a look, she has just gone live on the net http://www.blogger.com/www.beadcabin.co.uk and welcomes comments as this is all new to her as well. I shall be over there again next Tuesday for another go at a workshop to make a Ladder Bracelet in twisted bugle's picture to follow.

Well my friends I shall wish you all goodbye for now, till the next, take care and warm wishes.


  1. What a lovely group, bet you all have a great time.

    So you've worked it out then?

    Hugs RosieP x

  2. looks like fun! anytime women get together, great things happen! right!

    thanks for your visit today!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina was here!


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